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Horses that have been Sold...


Chaplin LJS (Cicera's Icewater x To Be Frank)

    2013 Registerd Holsteiner Gelding

SOLD!  Congratulations to Lisa and her family on their new addition.  Charlie will be staying close to us here in NC and we are looking forwad to keeping in close touch!

Ranier VT  (Royal Appearance x Karmen)

   2008 Registered Oldenburg Gelding



SOLD!  Congratulations Mary.  We couldn't be happier with this pairing and know that Rainey will have only the "best". 


August West (Disconto x Boogaloo)

    2014 Westphalian/TB Gelding



SOLD!  Congratulations Ian, we wish you the best with this talented youngster!



Zarabanda (Cicera's Icewater x Idgie)

   2007 Holsteiner/Trakehner Mare


SOLD!  Congratulations C'Dale and Phil, Zara is by far one of our hardest horses to part with, we wish you the very best moving forward with your beautiful new girl!

Magic (Fox Cry Under the Sun x Marylegs)

   2010 Welsh Mare


SOLD!  Congratulations Gianna and Jill, we are so happy that Magic will be moving forward in her training with her wonderful new family, we are looking forward to all the updates!


Rhapsody  (Roulette x Darcy)

  2008 Hanoverian Mare

SOLD!  Congratulations Joni, we wish you the best with your new event star in the making!

WestVirginia Cabin (Old Kentucky Home x Starkville)

      2006 Registered Thoroughbred Gelding


SOLD!  Cabbage is headed up to PA to start his new career as a fox hunter. Congratulations Jim, we hope you enjoy your new boy!

Caiden  (Concerto Grosso x Passacaglia)

    2007 16.3 Hand Holsteiner Gelding





Sold!  Caiden will remain close here in NC and we hope that Ashley and her family will enjoy Caiden as much as he have!

Dr. Sidney (Offlee Wild x Silhoutte)

    2007 16.1 hand Thoroughbred Gelding





SOLD!  Sidney is on his way to Kansas, congratulations Clare we wish you the best with your new event prospect!

Justa Silver Slew (Seattle Santa x MagnumSilverSaddie)

2006 Registered Appendix Gelding


SOLD:  Congratulations Meredith and the Pratt family, we are so excited for you to start your journey with your awesome new eventer!!

Irie (Western Pride x Bernie's Gold)

    2007 Thoroughbred Gelding





SOLD: Congratulations Evin, take good care of our sweet boy!!

Tommy (Fit to Fight x Fit N Flame)

   2001 Thoroughbred Gelding


SOLD: Congratulations April!  We hope you will enjoy Tom as much as we did!



  2001 Thoroughbred Gelding



SOLD: Congratulations Ashley, we wish you the best of luck in the jumper ring with your new boy!



CG Conundrum (Contucci x Chessie)

   2004 Registered/Branded Oldenburg Mare



Sold:  Zoey will be traveling to her new home in Maryland to start her career as a broodmare.  Congratulations Jamie and Snapdragon Farm, we can't wait to see Zoey's beautiful babies!






     2002 Sport Pony Mare







Sold:  Congratulations Sam and family!!  We know Summer could not have found a better home and wish you many happy moments with your Christmas pony!





 Kina's Lyre (Coeur de Lion x Trampoline)

       2002 Holsteiner Cross Mare




Sold:  Congratulations Nicquie and Cindy!  Kina will be continuing her eventing and show jumping career in Illinois with her talented new owner.  We are so happy that she will be going to such a great home.  





Quinn (Ravel x TB Mare)

       2006 Holsteiner/Friesian/TB Gelding




Sold: Quinn will be traveling to Indiana to stay with his wonderful new owners.  Congratulations Kim and Dan, we look forward to hearing about your progress with Quinn!!

Copeland (Concerto Grosso x Natalina) 

             2008 Registered Holsteiner Gelding


Sold: Copeland has been sold as an upper level jumper prospect, Congratulations Sophie, we are so happy that he is going to such a wonderful owner!





Dol's Ruler 2004 Registered Canadian Sport Horse



Sold:  Ruler has been sold as a potential jumper prospect and will be settling in with his new owner Nolan Shaw in the beautiful mountains of western NC.  Congratulations Nolan, we wish you the best with your new partner!!




Iryndale  (Concerto Grosso x Dynamite Dot xx)

          2006 Registered/Branded Oldenburg Gelding

          Video of Indy 30 days under saddle.

SOLD:  Iryndale has been sold as a potential FEI level dressage horse.  He will continue his training in Washington state with his new owner Stephanie Abbot this fall after having the spring and summer off to continue to mature and grow.  Congratulations Stephanie, we hope you will enjoy your new boy!



Copperfield   (Concerto Grosso x Bebo)

        2004 Holsteiner/Trakehner Cross.

        Videos of Copperfield under saddle and in the jump chute.



SOLD:  Pictures to the left and below are of Copperfield and his new owner competing in some of his first events in Aiken, SC in 2008.  He has since moved on in his training with Sarah, completing a successful year at training level with a move up to Preliminary this winter.  We are very excited that he has gone to a competition home where he will be able to reach his full potential.  Congratulations Sarah!



Sarah and Copperfield (now Samwise Gamgee) Competing at Preliminary Level Eventing At Pine Top Farm in Georgia.